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No Partner Needed! 


Kristine's NJ Swing

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Dancers Reunite!

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7:00 p.m. Swing Beyond Beginner, and 8:00 p.m. Swing Beginner, Workshops w/ Nissreen Almazouni

9:00 - 12:00 a.m. Live music Dance Party w/nationally-renowned BOILERMAKER JAZZ BAND

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NO partner and NO dance experience needed.
Discounts for prepaying, students, out-of-staters AND carpool drivers!
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Please invite friends and spread the word.  Support great dancing and great live music in NJ!

We're ramping up for progressive lessons and additional dance nights in mid-Fall.
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American Legion Ballroom, 13 Legion Place, Whippany, NJ

A favorite among dancers, and NJ Swing's "home" for over a decade, is the
spacious, chandelier-lit, AC-cooled, all-wood ballroom floor of the largest American Legion in the state.



7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Instructor: Nissreen Almazouni

7:00 Swing Beyond Beginner (Prereq.: Swing Beginner and triple step).
Beyond beginner 7:00 students invited to stay free for 8:00 class,
to practice and to welcome and encourage newbies.
8:00 Swing Beginner (no experience needed)

NO partner needed. Optional partner rotation in class.



9:00 p.m. - midnight
Live Music: Boilermaker Jazz Band of Pittsburgh

Dancers and live-music enthusiasts!
Enjoy the festive social atmosphere and the live swingin' hot jazz of
nationally-renowned and fabulous Boilermakers. DJ'd Swing favorites between sets, plus The Shim Sham.
Complimentary ice water and light food (cheese & crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables, cookies, snacks).
Inexpensive bar & lounge downstairs. No need to miss a beat... you may bring beverages upstairs to the dance event.

NO partner and NO dance experience needed. Dress comfortably nicer-casual.
Flat smooth-soled shoes recommended. Happy feet = happy dancer.



[Enlarge pricing table by double-clicking it]
Same price (whether dancing or not) to watch workshops or live-music dance party.



REPLY to this event email ( to register for workshops, even if paying at the door.
Include full names (you and guests), full contact info (addresses & phone #s), and indicate your payment method.

For Discount, prepay by:

  • CASH: in person (ex: at a private lesson this week)
  • CHECK: in person, or mailed by 11:00 a.m. Thursday to: PO Box 245, Denville, NJ 07834. Payable to "Kristine Powell". (Include full current contact info & phone #). Must email Kristine if mailing a check.
  • ONLINE: by midnight Thursday via to PayPal ID: Add $1.50 per person to total (Note: no credit cards at door).


Contact us to join our team, behind the scenes and at events. Internships also available.



Reply to with your preferred dates & times
for an affordable private lesson (with or without a partner).


CONTACT:     (973) 299-SWING (7946)


Cannot wait to see friends, and meet new ones, at our NJ Swing Reunion!
Thanks for inviting friends, spreading the word, and supporting great dancing and great live music in NJ!

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Feedback from our last Gordon Webster performance at Kristine's NJ Swing 13th Anniversary Bash on 11/4/11:

"That was one of the best dancing night's I've had in the 1.5 years I've been (Lindy) hopping!!!

"Just want to say a huge thank you for all the effort you put into Friday night's dance and workshops!! I Had such a blast - one of the best nights of dancing I've had."

"We would like to sincerely thank you for a wonderful dance party last night. It was an absolute blast with a lot of energy from the band and all the dancers. Great night! Kudos to you for a job well done! That dance party was very memorable and awesome. What a bash!!!"

"Last night was a real jaw dropper for me to see what you have created. It was a true work of art, perfect timing and it built climactically to the very end. I will be thinking about last night all weekend and I know a lot of others will also."

"I just wanted to thank you again for that great job you did with the anniversary party. It was a masterpiece! You are amazing!!" 

Wow!... thanks everyone for your kindness, encouragement and support over the years!
YOU made it great by inviting people and spreading the word... and simply by being there. :-) xo

PHOTOS: (copy & paste each link into your browser window)

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Michael Jagger teaching workshop (with additional workshop in background) at Kristine's NJ Swing 13th Anniversary Bash on 11/4/11 (photo David Mager)

(L to R) Adam Brozowski (NYC instructor), Kristine Powell (Founder and Director of NJ Swing), Michael Jagger (NYC instructor), Shoham (Princeton), Jerry Flood (Jersey Shore), and hundreds of dancers doing the Shim Sham at Kristine's NJ Swing 13th Anniversary Bash on 11/4/11 (photo David Mager)

Photos from past events.


Groups discounts available. Contact us to inquire.

College student discounts for under 26 w/ID are usually offered for our dance parties. For special events we sometimes also offer Veteran discounts and Teacher discounts.

Special thanks to those of you who spread the "lindy love" through inviting new friends, and asking lots of new people to dance at each party. We appreciate you so much!  Occasionally we offer Bring-A-Friend specials. Contact us to inquire.

If you want to help us behind the scenes, contact us to inquire about our help team. It is rewarding to be an integral part of events that bring joy to so many people's lives. And, you have the added perk of lessons and dancing at half price or FREE. Contact us to inquire.


COOL GIFT IDEA: Share the joy of dance with a co-worker, friend, or loved one.
NJ SWING Gift Certificates may be used towards our dance parties and lessons (privates, crash courses, and weekly series) and come in any denomination (from $15 on up). Purchase in your desired amount by mail or in-person (see PAYMENT info above). Provide yours & recipient's full names. Enclose a stamped envelope addressed to you or to your gift recipient.


8:30-12:00 includes a complimentary 8:40 Swing Basics party lesson, dancing on a huge wood dance floor to a mix of swing plus other styles as requested, light food and refreshments. No partner and no experience needed.


No partner needed.


Can't make it or need extra help? We offer affordable private lessons in all social dance styles to suit your schedule and skills, weekdays (day/eve) in Boonton /Parsippany area, at our Whippany on our event days, and at off-site locations at a higher fee. Contact us for an appointment.


Kristine Powell (Founder & Director of NJ Swing),  Andy Newberry and guest instructors from around the world.



If you are planning a private event, we provide instruction, music, dance motivators and performances. Contact us to inquire.


Kristine (973) 299-SWING (7946)


Course series and workshop participants receive a 20% discount off our normal Dance Party admission, when prepaid with their courses/workshops. All classes are 55 minutes in length. Instructor assignments and course schedules are subject to change.

New students may join a course series already in session, with instructor and Kristine's permission only. All group classes and make-ups must be taken during the registered six-week course term, and cannot be carried over to the next course cycle.

No partner is needed to participate in any of our classes or dance events. Registration does not guarantee an equal balance of leaders and followers in any given class. All classes rotate partners. Students are not required to rotate partners, but it is encouraged.

Prepayment is encouraged and appreciated. Discounted courses, workshops, and dance party admission, plus express check-in for all prepaid students.

Payment in cash is preferred, but personal checks are accepted if full contact information is provided. A $15 fee is due for returned checks. Credit card payments must be made via our website by the prepaymant due date.

No refunds. To receive credit (good for one year from the date issued), a written request must be received at least 24 hours before the course term start (the same pertains to scheduled private events and private lessons). No credit if less than 24 hours notice. Exceptions considered in the event of a genuine emergency.

If NJ Swing cancels an individual class within a course series, then a make-up class will be scheduled. No credits for missed individual classes or make-ups within a course series. NJ Swing reserves the right to cancel a course series with fewer than ten prepaid students, and will make arrangements for a semi-private course or provide refunds if necessary.

The NJ Swing team shall not be held liable for injuries before, during, or after events. Enjoy dancing, but do so at your own risk. Thanks!

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