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What people are saying about the DANCE PARTIES & WORKSHOPS:

(Here are a few of the countless unsolicited compliments we receive by email, cards, and letters. It would be quite an undertaking for us to share with you all the gems from the archives from over a decade of us offering dancing in NJ.  But, I am sure these are enough for you to realize the great experience awaiting you. Thanks to those of you who wrote us these sweet notes of encouragement over the years, and shared your enthusiasm with friends and family. Lots of love, Kristine xo)

"I always enjoy your classes and your dances are the best! Everyone is so friendly. I won't go anywhere else anymore. You have the best swing dances in NJ for sure." -- Andy

"This is a GREAT place to dance!!! Comfortable atmosphere - no pressure - HUGE WOODEN DANCE FLOOR - Excellent music! it." -- Ralph (NYC)

"I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at the Swing Workshop this past Friday. When I first arrived, I was a little self-conscious about not bringing a partner, but that was for naught since everyone got a chance to dance with everyone else. Your volunteers were very friendly and kept things organized and moving along too. Thanks again for a great evening and I'll look forward to attending future engagements." -- Patrick

"The workshop instruction was exceptional. This is from someone who took classes with the NY swing heavy-hitters. The mark of a great instructor is can you bring it down to the masses. (Your instructor) did.....and was outrageously fun too. That is my style of teaching and is much appreciated. Making it fun." It "was terrrrrriffffic!" "Thank you for truly being a beacon of light." -- Barbara

"your dances are the ***MOST*** fun, absolutely, of any of the dances that I have ever gone to. Everyone is extremely nice and mixes with everyone else. The floor is large and I don't, usually, have to worry about being stepped on, or stepping on someone. I really look forward to your dances." -- Todd

"really enjoyable and so much fun. it was really cute how people come up to you (to) dance. everyone is so nice. there are so many singles yet it's not a singles place so no pressure. it was really great. i liked it very much" -- Lucille

"I love coming to swing events, because it is consistently a cool crowd, big turnout, not pretentious at all. Thanks for all your hard work." -- Molly

"Thanks for a great lesson and I think I'm hooked!!" -- Mary Beth

"Attended your dance social and was impressed with the level of dancers and their friendliness. Thanks!" -- Rosanne

"The people are so nice and it's such a varied crowd. I don't enjoy singles dances because there's an edge to it. Your dance is not like that at all. You do such a great job. You should be proud of yourself. You go girl!" -- Jeanette

"My husband and I attended and LOVED it!! We are telling all our friends and can't wait to swing some more!" -- Mary Beth

"Thank you, for always making the dances fun and making an effort to bring different teachers in. I've been getting tremendous joy out of your Friday dances :)" "I had such a ball this Friday :)" "and am excited about all the new moves I learn. Now, I just have to practice applying it when I dance." "I wanted to tell you that I appreciate all the effort you put into organizing these dances very much. I'm having unbelievable amounts of fun." "Thanks for keeping me posted and organizing the best swing dance ever! :)" -- Claus (Germany)

"the dances truly have been one of the highlights of my time since I moved to New Jersey a year and a half ago.  Be encouraged to know that you provide something very wonderful!" -- Emily

"(My wife and I) have been coming for lessons, and the dance, for some time. We are enjoying the experience. We are finding the workshops very enjoyable. I like learning from different instructors. We pickup new moves from each workshop and we are able to use (them) during the dance. We gain confidence (when) we repeat (workshops). Keep up the good work!" -- Tom

"I'm really enjoying this, hope you have lessons weekly, and am looking to be a regular. Your instructors are wonderful and it's great that partners are not required!" -- Debbie

"Wow! The dances are getting better and better! I can't tell you how much fun I'm having. I don't think I stopped dancing tonight for even 5 minutes. Big compliment to you and everyone who's putting the dances together." "the music (is) really great. A lot of variety and very danceable tunes." "you're doing a really good job keeping the energy level up until midnight and creating an extremely favorable atmosphere for this type of event. I mean, everyone seems to have a great time, not just myself. And everybody comes to dance, not just to dance a little. The dance floor was crowded when I came up from (my workshop)! It's an indicator that you're doing the right thing." "You give me so much by putting together these wonderful dance events. I truly cherish them :)" -- Claus (Germany)

"I've never had a bad time at one of your socials." "there are a large number of dancers. After a partner has seen your best moves, it's nice to find a new partner to try them again. Your music is also very good." "Keep up the good work." -- Rich

"Kudos to to the DJ last night for a great selection of tunes. He mixed fast and slow so that even my beginner friends could get out and have fun. You did a fabulous job last night teaching the big group of beginners. My friends said you helped them learn it pretty quickly and the personal attention really got them started. Thanks for making sure they all had a good time! Cheers!" -- Heather

"Kristine, (we) enjoyed your swing class. You're an exceptional instructor. We look forward to receiving your mailings to keep us abreast of the dance lessons you instruct. Thank you very much for an elating time!" -- Ivette

"I love the events (the music, the team, the people)." "I've spread the word." -- Art

"great teachers! best prices around!" -- April

"In the summer (my husband and I) met a young couple met at (an) outdoor big band dance. The couple was so good that the band asked them to dance on stage. Later I asked where they learned to dance. They said in Whippany on the fourth Friday of every month. So, in our jeans we set out on an adventure (to find your event) somewhere behind a shopping center. When we happened upon the Legion Hall we were astonished by all the cars. And, when we entered and heard the music, we were thrilled! We stayed all night dancing and showed up the next month with all our family and friends." -- Barb

"Went to my 1st nite EVER of swing dancing on Fri, and I had a FABULOUS time! Thank you SO much for offering the lessons and the opportunity to "swing" on a regular basis. I live in Staten Island, and the commute was long but DEFINITELY worth it! When I first entered the door, I didn't want to be on the mailing list as I wasn't sure what to expect. Now I say: "add me to the list!" Thanks again! -- Alma (NYC)

"Excellent." "Though farther for us to come from the NY area than to go to NY clubs, we feel you put on outstanding programs." -- Anthony (NYC)

"I hope to be able to drive up (from Philly) once a month or so to attend the dances. I really had a wonderful time at the dance I went to. You deserve to be commended for putting together such a great dance." -- Dan (Philadelphia)

"Congratulations on putting together a spectacular Swing Dance event!! It was great to see that New Jersey is into the Lindy Hop spirit as well. It was a pleasure to dance on that huge hardwood dance floor. Manhattan doesn't have many large floors like that! Keep up the great work and see you at the dance when I next return to the East Coast again! -- Michael (San Diego)

"(We) had a great time fri night. Keep up the great work by sponsoring fun wholesome events like this!" -- Mona

"I had a terrific time! and plan on attending your next workshop. I wanted to express how much I really enjoy the swing workshops, and look forward to the next time I can go. God bless!" -- Bruce

"Friday was my first time there. I thoroughly enjoyed the dance. Great floor. Great selection of music (much more enjoyable than live bands as most bands don't play music that is as danceable as the music you played.)" -- Ken

"Very much looking forward to attending your dances again. They're the best around." -- Andy

"keep up the good work, you're doing a great thing making a lot of people happy. i'll encourage you any way i can. i think you're great!" -- Tim

"Thanks again to you, Scott & your team for another great night of swing dancing. Please keep up the good work; it's greatly appreciated..." -- Bob

"I had an awesome time." "Kristine deserves high praise for the results of all the hard work she puts into pulling this event together." -- John

"I can't believe (how long) it's been since you started hosting these. Very nice. So glad to see it has caught on so well too. I remember the first few times in (Morristown), and how quickly it caught on there too! Very impressive how well you have been able to keep it rolling and never seeming stale!" "I always enjoy your swing events!" -- Anthony

"I love to dance and appreciate all you do to keep the scene in the area alive and kicking. Thanks!" -- Jess

"you have the best instructors, and it's so enjoyable." -- Karen

"I took your swing class. I would like to say it was great. I plan on coming to the next one. I would also like to say thanks for taking your own time to dance with me to help me out. Thanks again and great job on the dance." -- Nate

"We wanted you to know that we had a great time and enjoyed everything - the music, the food, the crowd... always look forward to your events." -- Wendy & Dave

"We were there all night and yes danced all night as well. The music was TERRIFIC! I brought someone from New York City (to the basic lesson and dance) who loved it." -- Dave

"Just wanted to let you know I think you're doing great with the workshops and dance lessons. I think you've done an excellent job and appreciate that you've brought swing into our area. 'It don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that swing!!'" -- Bridget

"I think your swing is the BEST!!!" -- Inka (Poland)


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